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Greek Icons
by Prince Silvero

Prince Silvero is a leading Greek company which designs, manufactures and distributes, Silver gift items, Icons and Jewelry. The amazing success of the company started within the Silverware industry in 1994. Today and after 18 years of constant progress, Prince Silvero becomes the leader in Manufacturing Silver items in Greece.
Prince Silvero with its expertise achieved to provide nationally and internationally an exceptionally wide variety of products which includes: Silver icons & frames, Baby silver gifts and decorative items for different uses.
Having in mind that the Orthodox Icons have a long- lasting history in Greece, Prince Silvero kept this tradition within its company’s product through creating Silver icons which are authentic copies of the original hagiographies.
The Greek and orthodox Icons are produced in Prince’ Silvero Factory and are compliant with the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2000, which is being applied throughout all procedures thus it guarantees the high quality level. All Company’s products have the golden seal of quality & authenticity and are placed in luxurious boxes.
PRINCE SILVERO actively participates in all international trade fairs, aiming to the expansion of its export business and its establishment as one of the leading Silverware manufacturers worldwide.

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